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Angel Edward
You need not have expertise with robots to be able to help a team.


Ed Angel

Founding Director, Art, Research, Technology and Science Laboratory (ARTS Lab)
Professor Emeritus of Computer Science, University of New Mexico

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From: Caren Shiozaki <[hidden email]>
Subject: First Robotics Mentors needed
Date: February 6, 2020 at 2:40:58 PM MST
To: Ed Angel <[hidden email]>

Hi Ed,
A new First Robotics team has been formed in Santa Fe for high school students. They are collaborating with SFCC, who are providing working space for them.

The competition they're entering can be seen here:

The team is preparing for a competition that will take place in Texas mid-March.  They are in need of mentors who can help the kids to work with tools and do problem solving.  They do not mind if mentors can only drop in one time for a few hours.  Every bit of assistance helps.

Between now and March 6th, the working hours are:
Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday:  5pm - 8pm
Friday:  5pm - 6:30pm
Saturday:  10am - 5pm
All sessions take place in the SFCC Fitness Center Room #2016.

Can you put out a call to your network to see if anyone is interested in helping them out, and if so, what dates and times they are available.

I'll get the names compiled and submitted to the organizers.


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